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Student Katrina Hagan

Katrina Hagan

Civil & Environmental Engineering Technology

If things had been different for Katrina Hagan, she might have pursued an entirely different career path. “I probably would have been a teacher,” she says. Or an accountant. “But I like being able to touch things and build things,” she says, “and I probably would have been really bored. ”

Instead, the... Read More >


Student Windsor Roy

Windsor Roy

Electrical Engineering Technology

As a 14th-generation Vermonter who grew up on a dairy farm, Windsor Roy knows about hard work. He’s a first-generation college student, and he doesn’t want to waste his hard-earned tuition money.

“I have worked since the first day I can remember to pay for college,” Windsor explains. “Even now I go home for the summer and weekends to Barnet, Vermont, to work on my parent’s farm. I... Read More >


Student Caleb Bristol

Caleb Bristol

Architectural Engineering Technology

A first-generation college student, Caleb Bristol has discovered that college is not just a place to learn but an ideal spot to make career connections.

As an architectural engineering technology major, he’s gotten heavily involved in professional organizations,... Read More >


Student Darian Caverley

Darian Caverley

Architectural Engineering Technology

At Vermont Tech, Darian Calverley found a place where he belongs. After graduating from high school in Attleboro, Mass., “I was looking for a college that was small in number of students, and Vermont Tech was a good choice,” he says. ”I don't feel like I am lost in a crowd. I wanted a school where classes were small, thus allowing the teacher to help me when I needed help.”

As a... Read More >


Student Kara Bazile

Kara Bazile

Business Technology & Management

In 2010, the ground shook Kara Bazile out of her home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She had to leave her native country after the earthquake and come to the US. She was accepted at Vermont Tech as part of her resettlement, so was genuinely pleased when she found out the college had small class sizes. Even then, she knew she would feel lost in a bigger school.

The class size alone wasn’t... Read More >


Dairy Farm Management student, Jonas Hastings

Jonas Hastings

Dairy Farm Management

Jonas Hastings is a self-described doer and tinkerer. He has held numerous jobs in his young life, but they have all been practical and hands-on work, like farming, animal husbandry, carpentry and landscaping. Not afraid to take chances, Jonas is willing to, “walk down dead-end roads,” in his path to find what he wants to do and change course as needed.

While in high school, Jonas... Read More >


Student Courtney Banach

Courtney Banach

Dairy Farm Management

Since she was 11, Courtney Banach has wanted to be a farmer. She was a “city kid,” growing up in South Burlington, with no ties to a family farm. Her mom enrolled her in summer camp, hoping to curb her of her farming fixation.

“Clearly, her plan backfired,” Courtney recalls, “because I attended the camp four more years and volunteered in the years after.”

In high school,... Read More >


Student, Emma Saucier

Emma Saucier

Mechanical Engineering Technology

Growing up in Windsor, Vermont, helped Emma Saucier develop an appreciation for manufacturing.  Years ago, Vermont’s Upper Valley region was the manufacturing capital of Vermont. While the region’s manufacturing base has changed in recent decades, the need for skilled workers in manufacturing remains strong.

“I always wanted to do something in science, and the Upper Valley area and... Read More >


Jamie Heiam, Proffesional Pilot Technology student, flies a plane with her instructor on the Williston Campus

Jamie Heiam

Professional Pilot Technology (B.S.)

After five years in the Coast Guard, Jamie Heiam knew she wanted a four-year college degree that would propel her into a career and wouldn’t let her end up working in a coffee shop.

“I love to travel, and I was intrigued by aviation,” says Jamie, who had an international childhood thanks to the mobility of her father’s job. “Vermont Tech’s pilot program offers a college degree,... Read More >


Student, Kate Morrison

Kate Morrison

Respiratory Therapy

When she graduated from high school, Kate Morrison went to nursing school for 3 years before deciding it was not what she really wanted to do. She knew she loved patient care, so she became a medical assistant. She married and now has a 6 year old son, Chase and a 3 year old daughter, Harper. After 7 years she wanted a career that provided more for her family. She remembers the day she... Read More >


Veterinary Technology student, Jenny Yang

Jenny Yang

Veterinary Technology

Jenny Yang is a First Generation college student who is starting her second year in the Veterinary Technology associate degree program at Vermont Tech. She’s also a non-traditional Millennial who tried a number of human health programs and professions before breaking from her family’s... Read More >