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Marc Aaron

Phone: (802) 728-1722
Department: Business Technology & Management

Bruce Banister

Department: Diesel Power Technology

Sheila Bannister

Phone: (802) 879-2315
Department: Dental Hygiene

Sheila Bannister is an Associate Professor in the Dental Hygiene department providing instruction in Dental Materials and Community Oral Health, and in the first, second and third-year clinical program and didactic courses for associate degree students. In the baccalaureate program, Sheila teaches online courses in Advanced Community Oral Health and Contemporary Issues in Dental Hygiene. She is an alumnus of the Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists in Boston with an associate degree in Dental Hygiene, Northeastern University in Boston with a bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene and specialization in student teaching, and Johnson State College in Vermont with a master’s degree in Education. Sheila worked in private dental practices in Massachusetts and Vermont from 1999-2007. In 2004, Sheila became involved in dental hygiene education as an adjunct clinical instructor at Vermont Tech and she accepted a full-time teaching position in 2007.

Professionally, Sheila has served twice as President of the Vermont Dental Hygienists’ Association and is currently Legislative Chairperson for her professional organization. Sheila’s passion is increasing access to oral health care in Vermont and she has organized free dental care events and continues to work on legislation to expand the dental workforce in order to increase access to care. Sheila currently serves on the Vermont Tech Dental Hygiene Advisory Board.

Sherry Barnard, MSN, RN

Phone: (802) 728-6354
Department: Nursing

Sherry Barnard has over 20 years of nursing experience working with patients and students in a variety of medical and surgical settings. Sherry has taught students in classroom and clinical settings since 2003 when she began working with nursing students as a part-time clinical instructor and has held teaching positions since 2008. This is her third year full-time at Vermont Tech but has worked in a clinical capacity at VTC for many semesters since 2003. During her early nursing career she worked at Gifford Medical Center and Mary Hitchcock Medical Center in the clinics and medical surgical areas. This is where she realized that she enjoyed mentoring new nurses and students and made a decision to pursue education as a career.

Sherry received her PN from Thompson School of Practical Nursing, ADN from Norwich University, BSN from Sacred Heart University, Masters in Nursing Education, MSN from Walden University. Currently she is completing her EdD through Southern New Hampshire University. She has had certification in Diabetes Education and has had her EMT.

Sherry belongs to several organizations, American Nurses Association, Sigma Theta Tau, Mu Delta Chapter (Nursing Honor Society), Vermont Nursing Association, Vermont Organization of Nurse Leaders, , and National Association of Professional Women.

When not teaching or learning, Sherry enjoys her family, hiking, boating, golfing, traveling, knitting and reading.

Stephen Belitsos

Phone: (802) 793-5787
Department: Diesel Power Technology

Lori Berger

Phone: (802) 728-1544
Department: Equine Studies

Lori is a certified riding instructor by the American Riding Instructors’ Association. She received her introduction to dressage training at the stables of Olympic medalist Michael Poulin and has since become interested in the application of dressage and human/equine biomechanics to improve the success of amateur riders of all disciplines. She has been teaching clinics and camps for both adults and children at the Green Mountain Horse Association continuously since 1990. Her video “Good Horsekeeping with Lori Berger” has been called “….the closest thing to an owner’s manual”  for the new horse owner and has been endorsed by Pace University’s Equine Studies program as well as the American Riding Instructor’s Association.

Heather Blair

Department: Dental Hygiene

Tina Blust, MSN, RN

Phone: (802) 251-2087
Department: Nursing

Andrew Booth

Phone: (802) 879-2323
Department: Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Dr. Carl Brandon

Phone: (802) 728-1350
Department: Science

My undergraduate degree, in physics (minoring in history and psychology), was at Michigan State University, starting Fall, 1962, where I designed part of the cyclotron the summer of my freshman year, and continued to work on software for the cyclotron group (my advisor, Henry Blosser, was the head of it) for the rest of my time there.  I wrote the second video game in the world, the other being done at MIT at about the same time in 1963.  I also worked as a computer operator at nights to pay for flying lessons in the MSU flying club, where I obtained my private pilots license in 1964.  After graduation (June, 1966), I started grad school in physics, but started working for IBM Components Division in Fishkill, NY, January, 1967.

At IBM, I designed their first memory chip, with two other people.  It was probably the first completely computer design and manufacturing project of any kind in the world.  During that time, I obtained my instrument rating, commercial pilots license, sea plane rating and glider license.  I left IBM in January, 1969, to go back to grad school, and went to UMass, Amherst, in physics.  I obtained my airplane, instrument and glider flight instructor ratings in 1969 while at UMass.  I worked part time as an airplane flight instructor while in school, and spent the summer of 1970 as a full time glider flight instructor at Sugarbush Airport in Vermont.  I switched to Zoology after a year, and did an M.S. on seagull soaring flight aerodynamics.  My Ph.D., from the Zoology Department, awarded in 1979, was on bat flight aerodynamics and functional anatomy.

I started teaching at Vermont Technical College, Randolph Center, VT, in August, 1977, teaching physics and zoology.  I initiated and taught Spacecraft Technology I & II, Intro. Zoology, Anatomy and Physiology, Ada, Advanced Ada, Operating Systems and Pascal; and taught Calculus and non calculus based Physics, Modern Physics, Introductory Chemistry and BASIC computer programming.  Starting 2004, I have applied for 17 NASA grants, and have received 27, totaling about $600,000.  This has resulted in the construction of a CubeSat that was launched in an Air Force Minotaur 1 rocket in November, 2013. It was in orbit and operational for 2 years and two days, before reentering the Earth's atmosphere on November 21, 2015, and is still the only successful satellite of any kind launched by a college in the Northeast United States.  It was the first step in working on a follow up spacecraft, Lunar IceCube (with Morehead State University, KY, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab) that will go to the Moon in 2018.  At about the time of my first grant, my son, Jack Brandon, was born, and is now 11 years old.  He has traveled with me to technical conferences in Europe (York, UK; Venice, Italy; Porto Venere, Italy; Stockholm, Sweden; Berlin, Germany; Paris, France, Madrid, Spain and Jerusalem, Israel).  He accompanied me to the launch of our CubeSat from Wallops Island, VA in November, 2013.

Richard Bryfogle

Department: Mathematics

Nancy Budd, MSN, MA, RN

Phone: (802) 251-7089
Department: Nursing

Sally Caldwell

Phone: (802) 728-1707
Department: Science

Natalie Chapell

Phone: (802) 728-1439
Department: Equine Studies

Natalie has studied natural horsemanship up to Level Three at Chris Cox’s Horsemanship Ranch in Mineral Wells, Texas. She is Level 2 certified in Stable Management and Dressage through the American Riding Instructors Association. Before joining Vermont Technical College, Natalie was the barn manager, assistant instructor and trainer at Rough Terrain Farm. There she was able to build on her interest in understanding  the relationship between equine behavior and training, and expand her knowledge of a variety of disciplines, including dressage, natural horsemanship, western, and driving.

Peter Chapin

Phone: (802) 879-2367
Department: Computer & Information Systems

With a background in electrical engineering and computer science, Peter has an interest in both the hardware and software aspects of computer systems. He is the software director of VTC's CubeSat Laboratory where he coordinates the development of the high integrity software used in VTC's CubeSat missions. Peter also is involved in certain open source projects including Open Watcom and various others mentioned on his GitHub page.

In the past Peter has served on X3J16, the ANSI technical committee charged with creating and maintaining the C++ standard (that work is currently being managed by ISO's WG21). More recently he has conducted research on programming language based security in wireless sensor networks (SpartanRPC and Scalaness). He is currently co-authoring a book on the high integrity programming language SPARK 2014.

Peter has an interest in astronomy, waterfalls, and creative writing.

Joseph Ciambra

Phone: (802) 728-1228
Department: Mechanical Engineering Technology

Paula Clayton, BSN, RN

Phone: (802) 447-8328
Department: Nursing

Samuel Colwell

Phone: (802) 728-1651
Department: Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering Technology

Barbara Conrey

Department: Architectural Engineering Technology